The listings that follow are of Fellowship members or family members whose cremains are in our Memorial Garden or those whose final resting place is elsewhere.  The information in the biographies comes from published obituaries and/or from the member’s family.  

Additional information and pictures may be submitted for approval by the Memorial Garden Committee.  To help organize your thoughts, please refer to Life Story Guideline.  Note:  Posting of information about departed members on the Fellowship website requires permission from their family.  


Allmon, Joseph T
Allmon, Vauda
Avery, Steve
Baron, Martha
Baron, Rinehart
Bauer, Luella
Beck, Clifford Harper
Beeson, Nona
Bell, Nancy
Bird, Elizabeth
Bird, Martha
Boghani, Suzy
Branson, Gordon
Brant, Sharon
Brooks, Norman
Brown, John Paul
Cable, Roberta Saipher, PhD.
Cat of Guuf
Caldwell, Christel Ruth Krauss
Claussen, Sanders R
Clute, Audrey T.
Connor, Anthony (Tony) C.
Cooney, Jim
Dansereau, Dennis
David, Frederick
Donn, Charlotte
Edwards, Charles Alvis
Elssner, Maria Lourdes
Finch, Roger
Forwood, William Garland
Fowler, Jim
Foster, Richard Joseph
Fulks, Charles
Gill, Barbara
Gill, Robert M.
Green, Julian (Jake) Kenneth
Green, Keith Rollins
Green, Norma Rollins
Harrison, Darrell
Hart, Douglas Gordon
Hart, Suzanne
Hilderbrand, Ellen Edens
Hill, Ann
Hoelzel, Bob
Howard, Pat
Howerton, Glen Eugene
Howerton, Hilda
Howorth, Jean
Howorth, Robert “Bob” Ward
Humphrey, Reed
Irwin, Alicia Hilley
Jackson, Sheila
James, Dick
Johnstone, Alan Henry
Kelley, Brenda
Lawrence, Charles S III
Lawrence, Diane L.
Lindbloom, Ina Bliss
Lindbloom, Nils, W.
Lindemann Simonne
Lochner, Robert
McFerrin, John
McFerrin, Margaret (Peg)
McGee, Jean
Merrell, Frances Ann
Morton-Lill, Benjamin
Moss, Charles M. Sr.
Moss, Charles Monroe Jr.
Moss, Fern Evelyn Thompson
Newell, Mary F.
Norwood, Joseph Fulton (Joe)
Norwood, Katherine Ann (Kit)
O'Hara, Liam
Page, Bill
Page, Irene Crawford
Poteat, Thomas L.
Rowland, Clay
Rowland, Gil
Scheer, Grace Evelyn
Short, MJ
Slade, Jennifer Marie
Starkey, Dorothy Marston
Starkey, Neal
Stockdale, Robert “Bob”
Tolleson, Pete
Wood, Bethyl Davis
Woodford, Edward
Wunch, Lois Anne Acker
Wunch, William J.
Yockey, Jim