12/12/1910 – 1/20/1999

Sanders Reimer Claussen, 88, of 113 Woodcock Court, died Wednesday, Jan. 20, 1999 at Greenville Memorial Medical Center.

Sanders was born in Davenport, IA. on Dec 12,1910. He was an only child of Theodore Peter Claussen and Elizabeth McComas. Preceding in death was one daughter, Norma A. Claussen. He survived by 2 daughters, Celia C Booth of Easley, SC and Marian V Bentz of Alhambra, CA, 5 grand-children and 15 great-grand-children. He was a retired electrical engineer, mostly self-educated. He worked for Lear & Co., making components for the first shuttle. He also help developed the wireless police-radio for Motorla Co. while living in Chicago,IL. He had been invited to join the elite Mensa Society several times, but turned them down.
Sanders was a well-read person having taught the Classics for the Great-Books Groups, both in Chicago, and Los Angeles and here in Greenville for a time.