08/15/1949 – 05/20/2017

Suzy Boghani, born Sandra Suzanne (Suzy) Easler, was 67, when she flew from this Mortal cage to the spiritual realm and is therefore, always with the many people that loved her .

Born in Spartanburg, SC, Suzy was the daughter of the late Janie Louise G. Easler and Clarence Herring Easler.   She was one of 10 children born to the Easler family.

She graduated from Spartanburg High School, class of 1967 and attended the University of South Carolina.

Suzy is survived by her husband, Bharat (Bo) Boghani, a daughter, Lipi Pratt [Michael] of Fort Mill, SC and son, Rik Boghani of Greenville, SC. She was also a proud grandmother to three grandsons, Clayton Pratt, Heath Pratt and Mathison Boghani.

Suzy was preceded in death by two brothers, William R. (Bill) Easler and Samuel R. (Sam) Easler. In addition to her husband and two children, she is survived by five sisters, Patricia J. Easler, Spartanburg, SC, Stephanie E. Bailey, Spartanburg, SC, Mary E. Persky [David], Tampa, FL, Deirdre E. Garrett [Steven], Roebuck, SC and Sylvia E. Currier [Mark], Taylors, SC and brothers James M. Easler [Bernice], Colorado Springs, CO, and Michael G. Easler [Johnnie] of Woodruff, SC.

Suzy was married to Bo Boghani in 1970 and was happily married for 47 years. They traveled the world together and regularly enjoyed time in Charleston at Isle of Palms.

Suzy possessed a zeal for learning and personal development as well as in creating and maintaining strong fellowships with those in her life.  She enjoyed working in her garden and educating others on gardening.

Suzy was a loyal member of GUUF for more than 35 years, and contributed to the Fellowship by participating and her leadership.

Suzy had an affinity for cooking and  wine making .  She especially enjoyed International foods and cultures. She enjoyed sharing her love for cooking.

Suzy, dressed in her Sari,  hosted at least 40 Indian dinners,  for  major fund raising events.    This process raised awareness of the diversity of our GUUF congregation.  Her Indian Dinner contribution became a legend and people were waiting to sign up for the event.  Many times, the dinner had to be scheduled on two nights to accommodate the overflow crowd of people that wanted to enjoy Suzy’s cooking.

Suzy had a great love for music, and while at the University of SC majored in music education.  She played clarinet, piano, and sang in the choir at the UU Fellowship.

Her love of music remained all her life.   She tried to play Moonlight Sonata until a month prior to her death.    She looked forward to Tuesday afternoon when her piano teacher was scheduled to come for another lesson.

Suzy was a hard worker at GUUF.  She did not take no for an answer.  When we were going through the addition to our facilities, she made a lot of enemies, because she forced the work crew to clean up the debris.  That task resulted in a wonderful clean facility we all can enjoy for many years.

Anytime there was a special occasion at GUUF, Suzy was willing to participate.  We all enjoyed her costumes, and singing and dancing in the talent show.  We also looked forward to the Beaujolais Parties.  Suzy and Bo arranged to introduce the First wine of the season with over 80 people attending annually.

Anytime that help was needed in the Fellowship, you would witness Suzy there.  She made beds to help GAIHN and the homeless when they spent a week with us. She jumped in and served on many committees, willing to help and to lead the congregation especially to help the under-privileged

Suzy had a lot of compassion for our fellowship and our members.  She recognized that it was impossible to conduct a class or participate in a conversation in the new fellowship hall.  To address this problem, she gifted her memorial contributions for an acoustics upgrade and this will be appreciated by many generations to come.

Suzy retired after many years working in banking and financial services. She was a Master Gardener and enjoyed working in her garden and educating others on gardening at head start project of Greenville.  Suzy loved working with children and showing them how to grow plants and veggies.

A natural born leader, she was a hiker and served on the Board of Greenville Natural History Association.

Her memorial marker in the columbarium reads “Stories and memories are all that remain”.  But What stories she has left, in the hearts of the people she has touched in the 35 years of attendance at the Fellowship.

Once we leave our physical form, the only thing that remains is the memories whose lives we have touched.  Many lives will miss our Suzy.