“Heritage Not Hate”: Is It Even Possible?

Can anyone with Confederate ancestors sanitize the flag, the monuments and most of all the history of the Southern rebellion and pretend it was all about freedom? There is no honor in rewriting history or making excuses for our ancestors. Walter Ezell, a student of American history who has some Confederate ancestors of his own, will offer thoughts about this timely issue. (Sunday Services associate: Barbara Gill)

Metaphysics, Magic or Miracle?

Everyone has heard of Mind over Matter. Everyone has experienced “A once in a lifetime,” “It’s Like Magic” or “It’s a Miracle” moment. What is it really? Is it Magic? A Miracle? or Mind over Matter? Why do they happen? How? Are they only meant for the religiously devout? Can anyone have such a moment? Join me as I talk about my personal experience, having been present for something that, at the age of 12, was nothing short of baffling to me and doctors and remains baffling even to this day. (Sunday Services associate: Wes Tower)

Water and Healing (Water Service)

Ed Proulx will bring us a message of renewal and blessing, as we come together in this traditional service of sharing from our travels. (Sunday Service Associate: Steve Compton)