Examining Elitism

Are we sensitive enough to socio-economic differences inside and outside our congregations? Inspired by Mark Harris’ book, “Elite: Uncovering Classism in Unitarian Universalist History,” let’s recommit ourselves to building beloved community for all – regardless of income or educational levels.

If you are unable to attend … read more.

A Crash Course in Gratitude

It’s easy to express gratitude before a giant plate of turkey and all of the trimmings on Thanksgiving day, but not quite as easy in our daily lives. How can a consistent practice of gratitude lead us to greater joy and happiness? Worship associate: Priscilla … read more.

Our Puritan Legacy

During the 1630s some 20,000 English Puritans (ancestors on our Unitarian side) settled in New England and established parish churches. Here, they had a groundbreaking idea about how churches should be organized, a form of governance we still practice today. Come hear about our Puritan … read more.