Earth Day—Who Are We, As We Drink Her Waters?

What is the source of our identity? William Glasser wrote that people in prison, addicts, business failures, people with all kinds of problems often follow a path in their minds. What is a failure identity or the success identity or the just getting by because this feels pretty comfortable identity? Are we our families, our friends, our possessions, our income, our professions, or something more? Are we perhaps the children of our mother the earth, no less than the trees and the stars?   (Sunday Services associate: Wes Tower) 

Easter with the North Star

This pagan holiday appropriated by the Christians and celebrated in many traditions has inspired Rev. Jobe to tell one of his favorite stories. Although he often recommends one book or another as, “One of the best books I ever read,” his read of this Martha Beck jewel is the one he most often advises folks to read who are searching for the guiding light in their lives. Rev. Jobe read it on a sailing ship. The first day on the ship the captain told the crew and guests, “We are turning off all GPS and navigating by the North Star.” Jobe took that as a sign he was reading the right book, Finding Your Own North Star. (Sunday Services associate: Jennifer Giuffre)

My Journey Through Church & Recovery

Jerry Wesley, who is a relatively new GUUF member, tells stories from both his religious trip and his recovery from alcohol abuse. Often funny and often tender to the heart, Rev. Jobe has invited Wesley to speak out of admiration for his courage and his heart for others who deal with the dangers of alcohol abuse. (Sunday Services associate: Walter Ezell)