Rabbi Mathew Marko

Congregation Beth Israel’s Rabbi Mathew Marko hails from Brooklyn N.Y. and survived 18 years in California. His calling is Torah, Jewish community, spiritual modernism and activism, justice and Israel. Please come and join us for Rabbi Marko’s service. (Sunday Services Associate: Wes Tower)

Sweet Home Carolina: Theatre for Change in the Deep South

Jenna Tamisiea, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Glow Lyric Theatre here in Greenville, describes the challenges of producing engaging theatre in the south. She’ll speak about how one moment of artistic courage ignited change and healing for her community. Plus, she is a wonderful singer. (Sunday Services Associate: Jennifer Giuffre)


Downsizing is often seen as a rite-of-passage as we get older. But what if living with fewer material possessions was a way of life? And as I will suggest in my sermon, material clutter is not the only baggage we might carry with us in life. (Sunday Services Associate: Barbara Gill)