Dylann Roof and the First Principle

Unitarian Universalists believe in the “worth and dignity of every person.” It is our first principle, the one that sets us apart, perhaps our most important belief. But do we REALLY believe it? Can we apply this principle to criminals who murder for hate, who commit the most heinous crimes? What crimes, and what type of person gives us the most trouble in applying our values? This sermon will feature 10 minutes of talk-back during the service. We expect a lively discussion.  (Sunday Services Associate: Cathy Jaggars)

We Are the Gods

A metaphorical look at the rights and responsibilities of a species that finds itself ahead in the evolutionary race. We’ve tamed the seas, farmed the land, mastered flight, and taken ourselves out of the food chain. Yet we can see ourselves, the other species, and even our planet are heading into danger. Now what? (Sunday Services associate: Erin Dwyer)

A Human Jesus

Unitarians departed from the Jesus-as-God theology several centuries ago, but Jesus remains part of our faith tradition. In a world hungering for comfort, justice and, yes, even salvation, what can a human, historical Jesus offer beyond feel-good memes and nuggets of wisdom? (Sunday Services Associate: Sheila Jackson)