Approved by Board: September 12, 2018

Communication and sharing of information with Fellowship members, friends and visitors is encouraged.  It should be in keeping with our mission and principals as well as provided in a clear and constructive manner.  All printed or photographic materials should reflect ownership or contact information when possible.

Posting of temporary informational flyers, notes, posters, etc. should be on appropriate Bulletin Boards located in the Main Hallway leading to the Fellowship Hall.  Items posted should be timely, thematically consistent with the category in which it is placed and visually appealing.  Printed material, paper, flyers, posters, etc. of a temporary nature are NOT to be attached/adhered to any walls, doors or windows.

Religious Education Bulletin Boards should be placed and managed in RE classrooms, or closely adjacent to them, at the discretion of the Director of Lifespan Religious Education.

Bulletin Boards in the Main Hallway – These bulletin boards will enable information and communication for members, friends and visitors.  Posters, flyers, requests, news items, etc. should be posted to the appropriate board and removed in a timely manner to keep content current.  To assist with easy access and organization, the Communications & Technology Committee will ensure that the boards (or portions thereof) will be labeled to denote the category of information to be posted there in the following broad categories.  The amount of space needed for various committees may vary from time to time, so the categorical areas of the bulletin boards may be reallocated accordingly.

  • Local Community – used for GUUF members and friends to post upcoming local member involved events, services offered, community thank you notes etc. Managed and maintained by Communications Committee Chair.
  •  GUUF – information about GUUF specific activities, programs, events, news, volunteer opportunities, etc. for and about our Fellowship. Please pass your information flyers to the Fellowship Administrator. Managed and maintained by Fellowship Administrator.
  • Social Justice League – social justice events around the community and at GUUF. Managed and maintained by the Social Justice League Committee Chair.
  • RE – information about activities, programs, needs, opportunities, etc. for and about our Lifespan Religious Education programs. This area of the bulletin board is anticipated to be utilized by the Adult RE Committee, the Children and Youth RE Committee, and Director of LRE. Managed/maintained by the Director of LRE.