Beltane Celebration

A high, holy day in the pagan calendar, a time to acknowledge the blooming of flowers and how young hearts turn to love. Come prepared to sing, celebrate, and maybe even to dance!  (Sunday Services associate: Wes Tower)

All Music Service

Our annual Spring music service will feature music ranging from Italian to African-American folk, from James Taylor to Carl Orff. We sample some gospel, then end up “ the Park with George” with Stephen Sondheim. A diverse, fun, and deeply meaningful musical service. Sunday Service Associate: Walter Ezell

Mothers Day Flower Communion

(Please bring a flower to share)
One of our unique UU rituals, the flower communion brings us to our roots of resisting evil and affirming connection to each other. Rev. Jobe will allude to the Rev. Norbert Capek and Tolstoy and Gandhi and Thoreau. We are expecting guests from the Interfaith Forum who will join us in affirming connection across many faiths. Sunday Service associate: Cathy Jaggars

What Would You Do If You Had No Limitations? 

Another group of high school seniors receives our affirmation and love. Rev. Jobe never talks long during this service, but he will ask these young people and the rest of us to imagine life without limitations. It’s a lot of fun to hear from the young folks, too. This is also the date for our annual congregational meeting.  Sunday Service Associate: Kathleen Anderson 

Peace and War 

How are UU young people trained around the issue? What do we feel around this effort as our government is now fighting in seven countries, one of which is Syria, where 26 other countries have ground forces? If you’re gonna write your congressman, here’s a lovely subject on which to wax eloquent.  Sunday Service Associate: Barbara Gill