All You Need Is Love (Coming of Age)

The Beatles sang it, and we joined in with them at Roger Finch’s memorial service, but is it for real? If we love each other, we will make sure everybody has enough to eat. And what in the sam hill does it mean to love our enemies? As someone asked after a service here, how do we love ISIS?  (Sunday Services associate: Jackie Weddington) 

What is “The Way” Forward?

We will explore Charles Einstein’s ideas about “the longing for belonging.” He says: “We live within a cultural mythology that tells us we are separate beings in competitive relation for power, even for survival. We long to return to a culture of inclusiveness, cooperation, and the sharing of gifts.” How do various religious communities respond to that call to walk the way of compassion? And how should we as individuals and a community courageously craft a way forward in a world where anger, confusion, and hatred are on the rise?
(Sunday Services Associate: Cathy Jaggars)