NANTAHALA 2017 RAFTING TRIP:  Sundays: AUGUST 27 – Last trip of the season.  Mail (or handing) us a check made out to Brookside Campground and Rafting well before each trip.  We will conduct each trip only if we have reservations and pre-payments in our hands for at least 8 paddlers no later than seven (7) days before the trip.  This will help us run safe and fun trips for everyone.

These are great outings for families and people of all ages with one caveat: you must weigh at least 60 pounds to raft on the Nantahala (hypothermia is the concern).  See Complete Announcement in the Flame for details.

Contacts: Merridee Harper (padlindiva@att.net – c. 864-304-7590) or Hal Smith (shaljr@bellsouth.net – h. 864-244-9322, c. 864-982-3201) for any questions.

RAFT + EQUIP:  $15 per person Sundays – FUNYAKS + EQUIP: Single$27.00 – Double $40.00 – BRING YOUR OWN: FREE.

Be sure to mail your reservations and pre-payment checks, made out to Brookside Campground and Rafting, to Merridee Harper, 21 Ashford Avenue, Greenville, SC 29609