02/22/1914 – 02/24/1994

Freddy David

Freddie David was born in America of Lebanese descent. He was trained as a professional musician at the Philadelphia Institute of Music. He picked up the harmonica early in his musical career and never looked back. He was a natural entertainer and would tell stories and jokes along with his harmonica playing. He made friends with Danny Thomas in Hollywood and played parts in several movies, including ‘This Is The Army Now’.

After Hollywood, he moved back to Akron, Ohio where he worked for the city of Akron and met and married, Naomi David. They had 20 great years together traveling between their four homes in Akron, Lake Lure, NC, Florida and Virginia Beach, VA. They bought antiques and entertained at parties during their marriage. He was the second husband of Naomi David, mother of Jean Wilder.