First of all, prepare yourself. Regardless of what you believe (or don’t), what you look like, who you vote for, where you’re from, what you do or who you do it with, prepare yourself for a warm welcome when you visit with us.

We’re very informal, so dress up or dress down to whatever degree is comfortable for you. Coat and tie? Sure. Jeans and t-shirt? Absolutely. Hawaiian shirt and sandals? Fine.

Most of our members will be wearing name tags, and we’ll give you one, too, if you’d like. Hang around after the service for a cup of coffee with our friendly members: There are special green mugs for our visitors. It’s a great time to meet people and ask questions.

Our services vary widely from week to week, but typically there are readings—from sources you may be familiar with or something you’ve never heard of—and music of all types, time to hear about activities and events within our fellowship and in the community, and a main message or presentation. Don’t be surprised if a service incorporates art or dance or drama or storytelling. (We have a lot of creative folks in our fellowship!) The message might be a homily from the minister, a presentation by a community organization, or a lesson from a member drawn from a recent life experience. The format and subject of our services are as varied as our membership.

The service starts at eleven o’clock. There’s lots of parking in the rear, close to the back entrance. Kids are welcome to sit with their parents, or they can leave with the others for special programs for the young people.

So prepare yourself—to be warmly welcomed and to leave enlightened and encouraged. We can’t wait to meet you!