Our Core Values
Love, Interdependence and Community

Our Vision
A welcoming and radically inclusive community of faith that empowers all through liberating love and the unrelenting pursuit of justice.

Our Mission
To strengthen our connections to one another and our planet by: Enlivening minds and spirits. Building community through liberating love, and Advocating fiercely for justice.

Our Covenant
Our faith requires us to be in covenant as a community of like-hearted people. We are called to make the following commitments to each other in faith:

  • We will live our lives with kindness, understanding, respect, generosity, and patience for each other and the world around us. 
  • We will practice radical inclusion and celebrate the diverse identities in our community, recognizing that each of us brings unique gifts and perspectives that contribute to our collective growth and understanding. 
  • We will commit to using our voices and actions to promote justice and equity and to challenge oppression and systems of inequality wherever we find it. 
  • We will listen deeply and support each other through both joy and struggle, recognizing that we all have moments of celebration and hardship. 
  • We will act with integrity and honesty, holding ourselves accountable by calling one another back into covenant respectfully when it has been breached. We will then make amends, forgive ourselves and others, and reconnect in the spirit of love and the principles of our faith.  In all that we do, we covenant to embody the spirit of Unitarian Universalism; a spirit of love, justice, compassion and interconnectedness. We recognize that this covenant is an ongoing commitment, and we promise to continually renew and strengthen it through our words, actions and relationships.