In order to enhance our communication with one another and increase our sense of community, many members of the The Fellowship participate in online groups. Some of these groups are more active than others, so you may want to send an email requesting current information from each group.

GUUF Facebook Group

This is a closed group for members and friends of the Fellowship, and friendly people who aren’t officially members or friends, but who like to read our posts and post interesting things for us.

GUUF Facebook page

This is the GUUF public Facebook page. Postings on this page are restricted to GUUF Facebook administrators, authors and/or editors. 

South Carolina Unitarian Universalists Facebook Group

This is a public Facebook group for SC UUs.

This group serves as a clearinghouse for announcements and information of interest to the Fellowship. This is a private area for members and friends of the Fellowship.

If you are a member of our real-life community and want to join this virtual community, send email to This is a moderated group.

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