Speaker: Jackie Weddington

Women and the Vote

What if a suffragist and an anti-suffragist met for a conversation years after the 19th Amendment was passed? Continuing hostility or some attempt at understanding? Listen in next Sunday for a little history and some strong opinions from two leaders of the Battle for The … read more.

White Horse Crescent Kids

Greenville County has launched an aggressive, highly automated, expensive reach for the middle school kids who are most at risk of failure in our local schools. Targeting the schools with the highest percentages of free lunches, this truly is an exciting and challenging time in … read more.

A Celebration of Lammas

This week we will share the ancient festival of “Lammas,” also known as “Lughnasadh.” It is a celebration of the first harvest, when we reflect on this season of growth and enjoy its bounty, recognizing that this abundance has come to pass because of hard … read more.