Speaker: Walter Ezell

Clarity or Happiness: How Do We Choose?

As we gaze at the far horizon of the coming year, what are we seeking? Walter Ezell, scholar, poet, and long-time GUUF member, will share his thoughts about the sometimes diverging paths of clarity and happiness, and asks, when they diverge, what shall we choose?

Back from Hell: Forgiveness, Punishment and Healing

What a complicated cup of soup is that thing we call “justice.” In this lay-led service, Walter will draw upon his experience as a genocide scholar to consider the #MeToo movement, the trial of Adolph Eichmann, and the war on drugs. Together we will ponder our needs for revenge, deterrence, rehabilitation and – at last — healing. (Sunday Services associate: Richard Nelson)

“Heritage Not Hate”: Is It Even Possible?

Can anyone with Confederate ancestors sanitize the flag, the monuments and most of all the history of the Southern rebellion and pretend it was all about freedom? There is no honor in rewriting history or making excuses for our ancestors. Walter Ezell, a student of American history who has some Confederate ancestors of his own, will offer thoughts about this timely issue. (Sunday Services associate: Barbara Gill)