Speaker: Rev. Chris Hockman

Examining Elitism

Are we sensitive enough to socio-economic differences inside and outside our congregations? Inspired by Mark Harris’ book, “Elite: Uncovering Classism in Unitarian Universalist History,” let’s recommit ourselves to building beloved community for all – regardless of income or educational levels.

If you are unable to attend … read more.

A Crash Course in Gratitude

It’s easy to express gratitude before a giant plate of turkey and all of the trimmings on Thanksgiving day, but not quite as easy in our daily lives. How can a consistent practice of gratitude lead us to greater joy and happiness? Worship associate: Priscilla … read more.

Our Puritan Legacy

During the 1630s some 20,000 English Puritans (ancestors on our Unitarian side) settled in New England and established parish churches. Here, they had a groundbreaking idea about how churches should be organized, a form of governance we still practice today. Come hear about our Puritan … read more.

The Meditation Service

You may have heard about the many spiritual, psychological and physical benefits of meditation.

Join us to learn about and try several varieties of meditation, even some you may have never tried before. Afterwards, you might find yourself more grounded, less stressed and … read more.

Blue Christmas

Loved ones missing from the table, pressure to live up to expectations and a host of other stressors may be leaving us lacking in “holiday cheer” this year. Let’s recognize and embrace the sadder side of the season and learn that we can be OK … read more.