Speaker: Walter Ezell

A Human Jesus

Unitarians departed from the Jesus-as-God theology several centuries ago, but Jesus remains part of our faith tradition. In a world hungering for comfort, justice and, yes, even salvation, what can a human, historical Jesus offer beyond feel-good memes and nuggets of wisdom? (Sunday Services Associate: Sheila Jackson)

Conspiracy Theories

Who Do You Trust? Neil Armstrong never made it to the moon? Barack Obama’s mom faked his birth announcement? George W. Bush blew up the twin towers? Facts don’t seem to matter anymore. Rules of evidence need not apply. Did aliens invade our brains and fill them with phony facts? (Sunday Services associate: Sheila Jackson) •Solar panel dedication after the service.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones

Walter Ezell (Gordon Branson)

Dan Buetner’s assignment from the National Geographic introduced him to cultures where people in large numbers have lived past 100. Walter will reflect on how to shape our own environment into a Blue Zone.

Crucial Conversations

Thirteen years ago, four psychologists published what Steven Covey calls a “breakthrough book,” about how we talk to each other when A. stakes are high, B. opinions differ and C. emotions run high. Sound familiar? Your family? Your co-workers? People in your life who matter … read more.

Guns, Flags and Forgiveness

In the aftermath of the Charleston murders, how do we build a civilization that is safe and free and redolent with kindness? If we wish for kindness and unity, how do we answer those who find safety in firearms, heritage in a banner, and innocence … read more.