Speaker: David Funderburk

Youth Bridging Service

If you are unable to attend in person, you may watch it here.

All Ages Service with David Funderburk, DRE The Bridging Ceremony celebrates the transition of our youth from their high school experience into young adulthood. One of the most important things … read more.

The Work of Becoming

Join us to celebrate the “coming of age” of our youth, who have completed a long journey of learning about Unitarian Universalism and themselves. They will share their personal statements of belief, also known as credos, with the congregation. Rev. Chris Hockman with David Funderburk, Laura … read more.

Bridging Ceremony

Join and witness an important Unitarian Universalist rite of passage, the annual bridging ceremony in which seniors in the youth group bridge to young adulthood. Our children and youth religious education program has guided them in creating meaningful ways to live their UU life of … read more.