The Columbarium is on the grounds of the Memorial Garden.

Here are documents about the Memorial Garden:
The Memorial Garden & The Columbarium

Shortly after we settled on this campus, we established a scatter garden for the cremains of our departed members. Recently, a second triangular shaped stone was found and placed in the garden. Our website has a biography of each of the people scattered in the garden

In 2009, a Columbarium was constructed so that people can have a private niche for the inurement of cremains. Once a niche is purchased, it belongs to the owner and as it is used, the door will be engraved with the name and dates of those inured there. There is room for more than one urn. And the space can serve as a family vault. Advance sales of the columbarium niches have paid for the entire structure. No GUUF money has been spent on this construction.

Our columbarium consists of two nine niche units on either side of a Memorial Plaque area. From the time we opened the scatter garden we have wanted some way to remember those special members who are gone but not in our garden. The memorial plaque area is to serve that purpose.

The Memorial Garden Committee is seeking congregational input for the names that should be placed in the memorial plaque area. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the link on this page

If you have any questions or want an application to purchase a niche, ask one of the Memorial Garden Committee members: Bill Schulze, Jim Yockey or Janet Aguilar.

Garden View

new scatter area

The Columbarium