9.7.21 Meet Your Ministerial Search Team

Meet our Team!

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We are honored to serve on the Ministerial Search Committee. Our job is to learn what we need in a minister based on your input and communicate that to the candidates. We are learning a lot along the way.

We are pleased with this group’s dynamics and feel that we are a team that will diligently gather our congregation’s requirements for a minister. Please keep an eye out for our communications, survey, and cottage meetings. Reach out to any of us about timelines. While some of our work will be confidential, we can help you understand the process. search@greenvilleuu.org

Front Row: Bibi Harris, Lynn Cusick. Back Row: Jennifer Kouyoumjian, Kat Stellern, Bo Boghani, Pat Chaney, Tommie Reece

Bibi Harris

I joined GUUF 26 years ago when my husband and I were looking for a liberal religious community to bring up our 2-year-old daughter. I’ve remained a member because I found that the amazing folks at GUUF were ‘my people.’ I’ve volunteered in various capacities at GUUF, from Children’s Religious Education teacher to Building and Grounds worker, to President of the board. As we enter our last year of Rev. Lisa’s Developmental Ministry,

I am honored to serve this phenomenal group of people on the search committee to find the best possible minister to lead GUUF into the future.

Little Known Fact: I don’t have any grandchildren (yet) but l do have plenty of grand-cats and -dogs!

Bo Boghani

My journey to the enchanting world of UUism began in 1973 when we joined UU Church of Charlotte, NC. In 1977 we moved to Greenville, SC, and we attended Greenville UU Fellowship infrequently. At that time, GUUF, a very small congregation compared to Charlotte church, did not click with us. It took us five years before we joined the Fellowship on the 2nd of May 1982. In 39 years at GUUF, I have served on various committees and Board positions. My last position was CFO during the 2019-2021 fiscal years. I have also served the TJ district as a Compensation Consultant for five years until reorganization. However, this is the first time for me to serve on a search committee.

I am looking forward to serving on this committee. One thing I can say about this committee is that it is very energetic. Maybe some of that energy will rub off on me.

Little Known Fact: I think I hold a record in the local hiking club to fall hard enough to require surgeries.

Tommie Reece

My husband Ron and I have been members of the Fellowship for decades, joining like many others when we looked for a good church fit for our young son and us. What first attracted me was the action to better the community that I saw from the members, and what kept me coming was the thought-provoking services and conversations on Sunday. I have assisted as a CYRE teacher and pastoral care, served in each office and on various committees, most recently to draft new bylaws. Ron and I are one of the few couples who have both served as President.

Having been a member through seven full-time and a few temporary ministers, I feel an awesome responsibility to help find a candidate who is just right to become our minister. I’m delighted to share this work with a dynamic and dedicated group of people.

Little Known Fact: My family has deep roots here, linking a grandfather who owned the Sans Souci Groceteria, both a revolutionary war heroine and hero and a Cherokee great, great grandmother.

Lynn Cusick

I have been a member of this congregation for more than 25 years. I have served on the Program Council and several committees during this time, including co-chair of the Welcoming Congregation several years ago. In addition to the search committee, I currently serve on the Pastoral Care committee.
Many of my closest friends and supporters are members of the GUUF community. I cannot imagine who I would be without their influence in my life.

It is an honor to serve with the search committee’s amazingly talented (and witty) members, and I am excited for the work ahead!

Little Known Fact: Crazy old cat lady in training.

Pat Chaney

I, along with my amazing wife Maggie, have been members of GUUF since 2017; before that, we were members at the Church of the River in Memphis (TN) for three years. In addition to the Ministerial Search Committee, I serve on the 8th Principal Task Force, the Building & Grounds Committee, and the Social Justice committee until recently.

I am excited and honored to be part of the Ministerial Search Committee and look forward to seeing how our collaborative efforts turn out.

Little Known Fact: I’m not short, just really far away.

Jennifer Kouyoumjian

I have been a member of GUUF for thirteen years, along with my husband Richard and daughter Kriya. Kriya grew up in the UU World of Children, a priceless gift. Finding GUUF (thanks to my husband) was one of the most extraordinary things in my life, a place where open-minded spiritual thinking was encouraged. I have spent more time enjoying the people, the sermons, and the activities than I have been serving on committees, yet, I have done enough to be considered for this tremendous task of helping to find out what our congregation needs, wants, and desires in a minister and communicating that to our candidates.

I look forward to serving and am excited!

Little Known Fact: I escaped from the Twin Towers on 9/11 and that motivated me to make a sweet family and pursue other goals like learning the violin, which I did not start yet.

Kat Stellern

My husband, Scott, and I joined the Fellowship about 4 years ago; we brought with us our son, Jackson. We came for the Children & Youth Religious Education for him and we stayed for the potlucks. Kidding! Sort of – UUs definitely have the best food and I really love to eat. We have found the GUUF community and its principles to be welcoming, challenging, enlightening, and fun. We have served and continue to serve in many capacities, from volunteering for one-off jobs to teaching RE classes to being members of or chairing committees. Serving on the Ministerial Search Committee – representing the needs and wants of my fellow congregants through our next steps – may be the most important work I’ve had the privilege of doing yet. And I’m stoked, ‘cause I get to do it with a truly impressive group of people.

Little Known Fact: One of our cats was reincarnated at GUUF. Seriously! Ask me about it.


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