Betsy Daubenspeck

For the months of Jan.-Feb., the exhibit will be works by Betsy Daubenspeck.


Forget Barbie Dolls.  It was a TV tray, paper (preferably the card board from my grandfather’s laundered shirts), pencil, & eraser (my best friend!) that kept me the most occupied in my youth.

I loved to design houses, their elevations & interiors. I would draw families to live in them. If I was feeling ultra-creative, I would write stories that revolved around the houses & families. I was never interested in taking art classes in high school other than the one course required.

However, I was “drawn” to a college whose campus boasted of the largest concentration of Frank Lloyd Wright designed buildings. Because of the encouragement from & influence of the most wonderful artist & instructor, I changed my major to studio art. (Don’t most college kids change their major at least once?) As an art student I was introduced to Art History which compelled me to attend grad school.

At THE Ohio State University, I chose French Impressionism as my area of concentration…not a career choice that I would recommend. Though I haven’t had art instruction since college (we’re talking-ummmm, 43 yrs.), there are OLLI classes that are tempting me.  And so I continue to love art history & “make art” as time and the muse allows.
Betsy Daubenspeck – Jan. 2018




Steve Chapp organizes art to be displayed on the Narthex walls.