The Sparkler! News & Updates

You’ve heard of the Spark! You may remember the Flame! Check out the SPARKLER!! The Flame was GUUF’s monthly printed newsletter, which was phased out four or five years ago. Most of the information you would have found in the Flame is now contained in the Weekly Enews, but one thing has been missing. The Flame contained long form columns, narratives, and updates that offered readers more depth and background than the short enews announcements that fit in that space. The Sparkler is a blog-style page located on the GUUF website. Blog-style means that content will update with the most recent posts first at the same time that previous posts will continue to be accessible. Consider bookmarking this page so you can come back to it whenever you wish. 

New content will also be linked in the enews – which remains the first and best place to get your information about what’s happening at the Fellowship.