Author: Karen

What Is Soul Work?

Soul Work, by Joy Berry

We know that often busy hands equals a calm mind and body. Sitting still with nothing to do but just listen or wait can be hard for kids, and even some adults. And also we know that we have stressful times, … read more.

Communication Tips & Deadlines

Do you ever wonder how to get the word out about what’s happening at GUUF? Or how to find out what’s going on? What is your committee up to? When’s the next [insert event here]? There are many great ways to communicate here at GUUF! … read more.

1.12.22 Ministerial Search Update

GUUFellowship Ministerial Search Committee Update

Over the past month, we have submitted our Congregational Record and our supporting Documents Packet to the UUA, and have just recently received a list of ministers interested in being our next settled minister.  We appreciate all the input we received from you, … read more.

From the COVID19 Task Force: Sanctuary Open!

Earlier this week, the board voted to approve the C19 task force recommendation that the sanctuary be opened for Sunday services effective immediately with partial capacity, masks, distancing, and vaccination required (see phase 1 requirements) children under five may sit in a distanced pod with … read more.

3.7.21 Assembling a Ministerial Search Committee

As you know, we are beginning the process to enter a search for a called minister, pursuant to the Board vote at the February meeting.  Our first task is to assemble a search committee to propose to you, the Congregation, for consideration and election.

The UUA … read more.