Rev. Chris Hockman

Born in Allentown, PA and raised near Reading, PA
Lived in Richmond, VA for 20 years as an adult.
Earned an MBA from Pennsylvania State University in 1993.
Has 13 years experience in non-profit fundraising in Richmond, VA.
Master of Divinity (Mdiv), Meadville Lombard Theological School 2016, Chicago, IL
Academic Achievement Award and History Award.
Minister: UU Church of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX 2016-2022.
Member of UU Ministers Association: 2016-present.
Host of Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Service 2916-2021.
Dog Foster Parent: Forever United Rescue: 2019-present.
Last lived in Corpus Christi, Texas with her two rescue dogs, Enzo and Violet.
Now lives in Greenville, SC.

(864) 271-4883