Gratitude and Miracles



Miracles Happen Every Day!  What can they do for you and why should you care?  Dr. Dragon has not only done research, but experiences them on a regular basis.  This has become a part of her own spiritual path and life story, which she will interweave in an explanation of how you can incorporate them into yours to find different connections and new happiness no matter what lemons life hands you.

Beth Dragon is an ordained interfaith minister thanks to a seminary that should have known better.  She earned some of her inconsequential fortune writing commercial non-fiction and a bit of poetry.  Dr. Dragon was convinced by her late daughter that the title would sound cool and has spent the years since learning about miracles, showing up for political actions where a crowd is needed, participating in 12-step recovery programs and occasionally herding cats. She has been a GUUF member for many years but this may well be the first time you have actually seen her “in person” and she is looking forward to meeting you too.