Bulletin “Board”: December

It’s been a couple of months since we reported on the Board happenings, and a lot has been going on.

Regarding finances, the Board approved allowing the Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire to keep the proceeds from the dunking booth at the most recent Faire. Discussions are ongoing concerning ECRF’s strategy in light of a competing, for-profit Faire that will be located in Pickens County. The Board will have a proposal to the congregation in the Spring concerning the Sky Valley time-share, a very generous legacy gift that in recent years has not sold well at the auction. Our pledge collections are running a bit behind the budgeted pace, we remind everyone that the work of this Fellowship depends on you: please consider bringing your pledge up to date. The Finance Committee will be sending out statements before the end of the year so you can know where you stand.

Much needed repairs and upgrades to the facilities are in the works, including the women’s bathroom, the Sanctuary’s AV system, and a leak on the property. Of course, funding for these kinds of projects is always an issue: more reason to support our fundraising efforts!

On the fundraising note, the pre-auction sales after the service have already net-ted about $3,000 (as of this writing, 13 Nov.)

The Program Council has been working on a formal policy for Share the Plate, and in the meantime, the Board agreed we would continue Share the Plate every other month. It was noted that other UU congregations that have supported a Share the Plate program have almost unanimously reported that it is a win-win for the charities and the congregation, as overall donations tend to increase over time. It’s a great way to connect with organizations that are making a difference in our community and in the world.

Richard Nelson, Lisa Lipscomb and Reverend Lisa are preparing a proposal for the evolution of music at the Fellowship after Christian Elser steps back from his music director role at the end of December. They will propose an interim plan for the remainder of the 2018-19 fiscal year and a more permanent vision for 2019-2020
and beyond.

The Board feels very fortunate to have Reverend Lisa on board. We’ve developed a close working relationship, and Lisa has added immeasurable insights and guidance to our deliberations.

And stayed tuned for news from the Board’s November retreat for a report on what’s happening on the Strategic Plan/Developmental Ministry. We will be issuing a special report to keep everyone in the loop about the tremendous efforts that have been underway and will continue!


Jo Anne Hennigan, Member-at-Large