Bulletin “Board”: September

In the Board’s August meeting we made the first review of the GUUF / UUWoC operating agreement. In the weeks following we’ve exchanged thoughts via emails that we hope will allow us to approve a long term agreement at the September meeting. This agreement details the expectations of both organizations each to the other and incorporates the continuation of the UUWoC’s new Transition to Lower Elementary program that we voted to accept and support at our June 3 Congregational meeting. GUUF and the UUWoC mean a lot to each other, tied together as we are by a long history of success at supporting from the GUUF side and running from the UUWoC side a well-respected preschool program. Both want to nurture and further improve the program through maintaining open communications and clear mutual understandings of the practice of sharing of Fellowship resources.

Rev. Lisa brought forward a broad vision entitled Safe and Healthy Churches for consideration that will help us consolidate our various policies and procedures relating to the safety at GUUF in all areas from preventing sexual molestations, physical safety, right relations among us including UU ways of managing disruptive behavior. This was suggested to extend the more focused current work of a team led by Garnett Conaway that is improving our sexual predation prevention policy and procedure to make it applicable to the more diverse uses and users our facility hosts now. The board authorized the President and President-Elect to form an appropriate group to study how to best use the money remaining in the Suzy Boghani memorial fund to upgrade Sanctuary audio-visual equipment. The first improvement made with the Suzy memorial donations was the Fellowship Hall acoustic improvements done last year.

In her financial update, Hilary Nelson, CFO, brought to our attention that we have fallen short of our pledged income goal by a larger proportion than is comfortable. I encourage all members to complete their last year’s pledges. Meeting these commitments is an important indicator of our congregation’s health.