President’s Post: June 25

Incoming President’s Message

Solstice passes, the Fellowship year begins. Within days the Earth reaches the point in our orbit, the furthest from the sun, aphelion, and begins its long return. The slow changes in the dates of aphelion and solstice, along with continental drift, are thought to give us glacial cycles. The Fellowship can evolve at a much faster pace.

This Fellowship year promises much, beginning with the arrival of Rev Lisa Bovee-Kemper as our new minister in mid-July. We will then be fully prepared to advance as a congregation in the many areas of progress we are, even now, refining in the Strategic Plan: new social justice work, developing the beloved community, building our UU identity, strengthening inclusivity, and challenging mind and spirit.

The Board and Program Council have each completed a year filled with accomplishments. The coming year will build on that. Our new Board is composed almost entirely of returning trustees. The Program Council in contrast has many new faces. Together our governance will launch the new ministry, complete the Strategic Plan and begin its implementation, and manage our small budget deficit. We will study how to further strengthen our policies and procedures to insure a safe congregation, operating with comity, as a base to progress within our church home and to serve the larger community.

Please use this beginning time to find volunteer work where you would like to serve and participate. The Fellowship’s leadership, in our turn, stands ready to do all that we can to aid you to accomplish that.

John Melson