Bulletin “Board”: October

We are initiating a plan for a Board retreat on Nov 10 in which we will build a plan for the Developmental Ministry we have launched with Rev Lisa BK. The program will incorpo-rate the results of our recent Strategic plan-ning efforts, the expertise brought to us by Rev Lisa from her career and experiences, and UU principles and policies. Creating a Congregational Covenant is an important step in this development that all members will be involved in over time. You’ll be learning more about this program as the fall progresses. 

The Board accepted as satisfactory the GUUF/UUWoC agreement that both parties have worked on since the Congregational meeting in early June. The agreement is largely the same as the one we had for run-ning the Lower Elementary transition pilot program with some modifications taking ac-

count of what we learned in the pilot. Kudos to all those who worked hard and long to achieve this. 

We created a committee to begin planning how to manage GUUF’s music program after Christian Elser’s departure at the end of December. Due to our pledge drive shortfall, the congregation had to approve a budget that does not have the full estimated salary necessary for an immediate new hire. Other measures will have to be considered as we build financially to support a new employee. The committee is Lisa Lipscomb, Richard Nelson, and Rev Lisa BK. 

The Social Responsibility program reported to the Program Council and Board that they had trouble finding the necessary volunteers to run the IHN family hosting earlier this year. 

Thanks to those who did volunteer the host-ing was completed successfully. The Board affirmed according to our understanding of your, the Congregation’s, priorities that the United Ministries IHN hosting is important to us. Consequently, the Board and Program Council will be helping the Social Responsibil-ity group find the necessary volunteers for the next IHN week. Please seriously consider helping out if you possibly can. 

The Board welcomes your input at any time. You are welcome to attend our meetings. Board members wear badges stating their office on Sundays to help you know who we are. Take some time soon to introduce your-self to a Board member you don’t know. 

John Melson