Lu is retired from teaching art in the Greenville County Schools and maintains a home studio where she holds an open studio each year. Her creations may be seen at:
Her art exhibit opens on 1 November and runs through 31 December 2023.

Lu grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana where she earned a BFA from the University of Louisiana. After graduation, she spent two years in Trinidad, West Indies, quickly earning a reputation as an artist. She currently lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband where she is involved in the arts community as artist and former arts educator. Lu exhibits regularly in the Carolinas and Louisiana and welcomes the community into her studio.
I paint on wood because I enjoy the organic feel the surface evokes. Line, shape, color, and often negative space, are the tools I use to portray my feelings of the joy and beauty of the world. The “outline’ in my work is actually where I don’t paint, allowing the wood surface to be part of the composition. My current subjects include figures interacting with the landscape and various aspects of nature.

A partial documentation of my prolific body of work is available at
20% of any sale goes to GUUF