Mary Walker’s exhibit opens Sunday the 3rd of Sept. and runs through Oct. 29th 2023

Mary Walker is an artist that primarily works in printmaking creating black and white woodcuts she creates in her home studio in James Island, SC.
“My work is narrative with a mix of characters, some human, some imaginary, and all iconic. They are not depicted realistically nor do they exist in a representational space. Using the figure, my goal is to inject human comedy and tragedy into my work. My Inspiration comes from mythology, poetry, plays, music, themes of social injustice, and occasionally my personal nightmares and aggravations.
The “Jim Crow” woodcuts reference racial discrimination, the chain gang, and the hangman’s noose. Living in the South for 40 years, I have seen the lingering effects of the Jim Crow laws. I feel compelled to depict the injustice.”

  • Mary Walker w/ a block for printing.