Update from the Board: 12 June.

An Update from the Board and the COVID-19 Task Force
Sanctuary Use for Broadcast
On Wednesday, June 10 the Board approved broadcasting of Sunday services to resume in the sanctuary under health and safety guidelines developed by the COVID-19 task force. Sunday service participants have been designated as essential personnel. The Risk Mitigation Plan for Sanctuary Use outlines the protocols that will be in place for participants.

Please note that NO observers or attendees, including family members of participants, will be permitted during the broadcast. Please do NOT come to GUUF on Sunday mornings as the doors will be locked. The property remains closed to all non-essential personnel. We do not mean to be unwelcoming about this but our goal remains to minimize risk for everyone.

Phased Re-opening Plan
The Board also approved a phased future Re-opening Plan for GUUF. The first phase of re-opening would include some staff returning to the office, small groups working outside, and opening UUWOC. The phased plan requires certain gating criteria, such as a reduction in new cases per day and a reduction in percent positive tests, to be met over a 14-day period. Given the continuing surge in new cases per day here in South Carolina, we do not expect the gating criteria to be met in the near future.
This is a challenging time, and it is deeply disappointing to consider the possibility of not meeting all together in person for a long while. This pandemic is clearly turning into a marathon, not a sprint, and we hope you will reach out if you need support from your community. The board and task force will continue to do our best to balance the long-term health of the organization with the health and safety of its members as information about the virus and its transmission evolves and changes. We will get through this together.
Please feel free to contact the task force or the board if you have any questions, and we’ll look forward to seeing you online.
These lessons point toward an approach that we might think of as a combination therapy—like a drug cocktail. Its elements are all familiar: hygiene measures, screening, distancing, and masks. Each has flaws. Skip one, and the treatment won’t work. But, when taken together, and taken seriously, they shut down the virus. 
Dr. Atul Gawande, in the New Yorker article,
Amid the Coronavirus, A Regimen for Re-entry