The Volunteer Table

How Can the Volunteer Table Help Me?
For Members of the Fellowship, stop by the Volunteer Table to see if there are volunteer opportunities you might want to take advantage of. Or just chat with someone sitting there and learn about a program you didn’t already know about.
For Committees and Programs, let the Volunteer Coordinator know what volunteer opportunities you have coming up so they can be shared at the table. If you have a big event coming up, schedule your group to sit at the table for a week or two, bring your sign-up sheets and group info, and get ready to connect with folks.
• How can the Volunteer Coordinator Help Me?
For Newcomers & New Members, the Volunteer Coordinator reviews the information sheets you fill out and lets committee chairs and staff know who is interested in volunteering for particular programs or committees so that they can reach out to those people. The Volunteer Coordinator also participates in various mixers and GUUF 101 in order to meet folks and help facilitate connections more personally, and is often present on Sunday mornings for the same purpose.
For Committees, if you tell the Volunteer Coordinator what sorts of volunteers you are seeking, they will share those opportunities at the Volunteer Table, as well as with individuals they have identified as being interested.