The Social Justice League

The primary aim of the Social Justice League is to inspire individual and congregational transformation by celebrating and elevating the spiritual and contemplative dimensions of Unitarian Universalism through programming that emphasizes direct personal connections with people affected by injustice.

The Social Justice League shall implement, coordinate and sustain programs for and with the Fellowship, in concert with our Seven Principles, with guidance from GUUF’s congregational covenant and in service to the advancement of Social Justice, which includes these three areas: (1) Social Concern (Educate) – engage the mind and spirit with respect to societal injustice; (2) Social Responsibility (Serve) – alleviate and remedy the adverse impacts of societal injustice; and (3) Social Action (Act) – take measures toward altering systems and confronting the root causes of societal injustice.

Members of the Social Justice League are working hard to develop a program as set forth in the SJL Mission Statement and Purpose approved by the Program Council and the Board in May. Within the next few weeks we will regularly be communicating with you through the GUUF web site, Facebook, the Flame and Spark as well as easeled signage in the Fellowship Hall.

The SJL committee is currently developing a means to discover the social justice concerns of the Fellowship. We also plan to start a dialogue with individuals and small groups to discuss their most imperative concerns as well as their considered responses. We are looking forward to these conversations as development of our Fellowship based social justice ministry begins. FYI if you are interested in reading the entire Social Justice League Charter and Mission statement, you can find it HERE.