David, Naomi Ponce Stockdale – (C)
Nov. 27, 1917 – Mar. 23, 2013

Naomi P. David

She was famous for her wonderful fruit pies. Survived by her son Lindsey Stockdale, daughter Jean and son-in-law David Wilder and granddaughter Rachel Wilder.

Naomi had a sister and a brother. Her father, Lucien Ponce, was a self-made engineer who invented the day-night mirror for the automobile while working at Liberty mirror. She was encouraged by her parents to be a secretary, but she really wanted to be a nurse. After being a secretary at a small college in Pittsburgh, she enrolled in millinery school and learned to sew and design clothing. She made many of her own clothes as well as costumes and dancing outfits.

She eventually met her husband, Bob Stockdale and had two children. When she divorced at the age of 45, she worked at various jobs in the hospitality industry, but she eventually went back to school to become a practical nurse. She practiced nursing for almost 20 years after her graduation from nursing school.

At the age of 55, she married her second husband, Freddie David. Freddie was active in a Lebanese musical band and Naomi learned to belly dance for the many engagements and parties the band would play at. She eventually retired after the death of her second husband, Freddie, and moved to South Carolina to be near her daughter, Jean Wilder.