Bird, Martha
3/25/1902 –2/2/1999

Martha and Elizabeth Bird grew up in Washington, DC.  Their father was a Presbyterian minister and their mother was a suffragette. On the first day women were legally able to vote their mother commandeered the family car and drove every member of the Church Ladies Group to the polls.
Martha and Elizabeth attended every inaugural parade from the time they were children until they left DC to retire.

They both worked for the U.S. government from just before WWII.  They were both great readers and during the course of reading Elizabeth discovered Unitarianism.  They retired to Greenville because they wanted to come south, be near the mountains and find a place with a Unitarian church.

They had a sister named Katherine who died from sepsis after childbirth. Her widower remarried and they lost touch for many years.  In their later years their nephew Timothy found them and they reconnected.  He was at Martha’s scattering as was Pat Cooney who took care of them for years. Rev. Jennifer Slade officiated.