PROFESSIONAL SPIRIT PLAY TRAINING with nationally certified Spirit Play Trainer Debbie Atkins – SATURDAY, September 23, 2017, 9:00AM –5:00PM.

Morning Snacks and lunch provided. This high-level training is the very best available. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. CONTACT dre@greenvilleuu.org to register.

Spirit Play is the most widely-used curriculum for young children in UU Congregations across the country. By following Montessori philosophy and methods, this story-based curriculum strengthens higher level thinking skills by inviting children to “wonder” about meaning through open-ended questioning and manipulative play. In this training, Storytellers and Doorkeepers learn the guiding philosophy behind the method, why it works, and how to create sacred space for children while they build deep community.

Spirit Play training costs $200+ in other venues; by hosting this event, we are able to offer this training to GUUF members for FREE. You don’t have to be a parent! If you like working with children in kindergarten through 3rd Grade, please plan to come.  Register promptly—folks from other congregations will join us, and the class limit is 15.