Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Honoring Our Ancestors

It is traditional in many cultures to honor deceased loved ones as the fall begins to turn to winter. As part of this multigenerational service, we will create an ancestor altar together. Please bring photos or small mementos of your deceased loved ones to add to the altar. 

Four Sources

The fourth principle speaks of “free and responsible search for meaning,” but we don’t often talk much about how we actually go about the search. Methodist John Wesley’s teachings provide an interesting entry point for this conversation. 

But What About Hitler?

The words “inherent worth and dignity” come from the first principle, perhaps the one that is best known within and outside Unitarian Universalism. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the practical applications of the familiar first principle, particularly its influence on our under-standing of good and evil. 

Roots & Wings

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith, not a creedal one. In the second of two sermons on covenant, we’ll explore the theological implications of our covenantal roots, and how to live into the promises we make to one another today.

The Good of All

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal faith, not a creedal one. In the first of two sermons on covenant, we’ll explore the origins of congregational polity and the importance of relational promises.

Gathering the Waters

We return to the beloved custom of combining water from our summer experiences, whether close to home or far away. As we approach the beginning of the church year, join in this symbolic gathering of our community.  (Sunday services associate : Richard Nelson)

Owning A Shadow

In two dimensional art, one of the ways we can convey depth and perspective is to use shadows. The same is true for our emotional lives. How might we use shadows to give depth and perspective to our personal growth processes? (Sunday Services associate: Lisa Lipscomb)

The Lasso of Truth

Superheroes are known for having one special power they use to save the world. We may not have superhuman strength or be able to jump a tall building in a single bound, but we do have gifts we can use to enhance our own lives and the world around us. What’s your superpower, and how does this community participate in helping you use it?

An Object Lesson

An Object Lesson – In recent months, a debate has arisen that has pitted environmentalists against people with disabilities. The world around us is increasingly polarized and the conversation about banning plastic straws is only one example. Unitarian Universalism holds tools that can help us to break apart binary constructions and find common ground. (Service Associate: Cathy Jaggars)