Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Commitment Sunday

What is the role of innovation in the creative process? How do open-ended questions and cultivating a practice of curiosity help us to engage on a deeper level? How do creativity and vision inform how we do church together.

A Cat & The Rover

There are many different ways to engage the creative process. The left brain/right brain dichotomy tells us that some people are creative and some of us are not, but research and experience tell us that this is not true. Are you curious?

What If?

Every life contains a series of stories, some remembering past events, and some imagining what might happen in the future. How do these stories help us move forward or hold us back? What if we told a new story?

GUUF 03-03-2019 Sermon

The Heart of Community

A Unitarian Universalist congregation is a place where ideas are shared, creativity encouraged, and connections cultivated. What are the hallmarks
of healthy community? 

GUUF 02-24-2019 Sermon

The Promise & the Practice

What would it be like if our UU worship service centered entirely around the voices and the experiences of black Unitarian Universalists? What truths might we hear, however difficult? What might we learn? How might these black UU leaders teach us to be better allies, better siblings in faith, and even better citizens in our community?

Out with the Old…

“Out with the Old…”  Bring your regrets from 2018 to the Burning Bowl and we’ll get ready together for all the possibility inherent in a shiny new year.