Speaker: Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Loving Our Neighbors

The fourth source of Unitarian Universalism points to teachings from the Jewish and Christian traditions. What meaning do these teachings hold for us today?

Many Facets, One Gem

In a faith tradition that seeks meaning from many sources, world religions can be a broad and deep well of inspiration. But what does that look like in practice?

Bouncing Back

When we find ourselves in times of adversity and challenge, or when we are faced with cultural and societal changes, we may struggle to adapt. Building resilience helps us to be more able to weather change and challenge.  

10/06/2019 Sermon

Challenging Prophets

Ours is a tradition built on the foundation of many prophets, actual people whose actions and words continue to inspire us in our life and work.

9/22/2019 Sermon

Mystery and Wonder

The practice of cultivating awe and wonder, of being attuned to the sacred, makes survival possible. How do our experiences of transcendence, even if they are ineffable or impossible to understand, inform our meaning making?

9/8/2019 Sermon

Gathering the Waters

Join in honoring the dwindling days of summer and our coming back together as a community. Each year in many UU congregations, waters are gathered together symbolically in a multi-generational ritual that honors journeys of the mind, body, and heart. You are invited … read more.

What’s Next?

The GUUF community has recently passed the one year anniversary of Rev. Lisa’s service among us, which also means that we have completed one year of developmental ministry. This “State of the Fellowship” service will explore successes and challenges of the first year as … read more.

Our Living Tradition

As a non-creedal, religiously plural faith, Unitarian Universalists draw inspiration from six sources of wisdom and spirituality. One of the hallmarks of UUism is that we are always learning and growing spiritually, participating in a living tradition.

8/11/2019 Sermon

Creating Time

Adages and metaphors and riddles about time are common in the English language. Do we want to make time stand still or buy more? Is time concrete or static or relative? Take an hour and join us as we wonder.

GUUF 8/4/2019 Sermon

Truth, Morality, and Evil

This sermon was inspired by Jon Henson, who purchased the right to name a sermon topic at the 2019 Service Auction. After some great conversation, we narrowed it down to this concise topic!