Rev Jeff Jones

The Quakers

I did not know much about the Quakers before I lived in a Quaker-inspired guest house in Mexico City during my sabbatical in 2015.  I will share a little history, a few amusing stories, the many similarities and a few differences that we, as Unitarian … read more.

The Wisdom Jesus

As Unitarian Universalists, we know there are many interpretations of the life and death of Jesus. Drawing on the work of Cynthia Bourgeault, an Episcopal Priest who draws on Christian scripture and the Wisdom tradition, we will look at the non-dual Jesus, the Jesus who urged us to be fully present with others, the Jesus who urged us to be free of ego and to not keep score of rights and wrongs. This Jesus advocates for the transformation of human consciousness.   (Sunday Services associate:  Drew Daubenspeck) 

Transcendence in the Natural World

With the arrival of spring, we are reminded of how much beauty and awe we experience through nature. And, more than just natural beauty, we are moved beyond belief by our ideals, values, and experiences that speak to our better natures. Together, let’s explore full-bodied transcendence in the natural world.

Compassionate Living

In June 2017, Rev. Jeff Jones left full-time parish ministry to pursue Community Ministry in Compassionate Living, a cornerstone of which is Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg. He and his wife recently moved to Asheville, NC.  Worship Associate: Drew Daubenspeck

Buddhist Insights for the New Year

With the arrival of the new year, it is a natural time to reflect on the past year, and consider what we would like to be different in the next. Buddhism has a lot to offer us about challenges we all face, and the good news is that it offers insights for change as well.   (Service associate: Sheila Jackson)

Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time

Many Unitarian Universalists reject Jesus because of what others say about him. And yet, Jesus, the Wisdom Teacher and Spiritual Guide, has a lot to offer us. In this sermon, we will explore what Marcus Borg, a fellow of the Jesus Seminar, says about Jesus in his book, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time. (Worship Associate: Steve Compton)

Watch Your Language!

My wife the English teacher says, “commas matter.” She asks her students to consider the difference between “Let’s eat, Carol” and “Let’s eat Carol.” If a comma can make the difference between an invitation to lunch and cannibalism, imagine how much difference our choice of words will make. My sermon is NOT about compassionate communication, dirty words, or political correctness. Instead, it will be an invitation, with ample examples, to consider how our language can both reflect and shape our attitudes. (Worship Associate: Steve Compton)


Downsizing is often seen as a rite-of-passage as we get older. But what if living with fewer material possessions was a way of life? And as I will suggest in my sermon, material clutter is not the only baggage we might carry with us in life. (Sunday Services Associate: Barbara Gill)