Speaker: Ed Proulx

Yes. And also…

Society wants us to be decisive. To be definitive.  But does life always leave room for that?  Do the Unitarian Universalist Principles leave room for that?  You can’t actually be tall and short at the same time!  Right?

8/25/2019 Sermon

Finding God

Not just any God, but your God. Is your God a mountain or an old man with a white beard? Is your God science or reason? Is your God grumpy, peaceful, or maybe even silly? Oh, yea… and why does any of this matter?  

GUUF 02/10/2019 Sermon

Our Seven Principles

What if our Seven Principles isn’t this sort of aspirational list of anti-Commandments like we tend to think they are? What if they’re something much more important than just that?

Water and Healing (Water Service)

Ed Proulx will bring us a message of renewal and blessing, as we come together in this traditional service of sharing from our travels. (Sunday Service Associate: Steve Compton)