Social Justice Updates

SOCIAL JUSTICE PHILOSOPHY & PRACTICE – Join us on Thursday, March 14, 6:30-8:00 pm, Founders Room (105) for the last workshop in the series.   Each workshop provides an opportunity for participants to interact and share their own experiences, a process that echoes the Unitarian Universalist commitment to individual theological exploration. Participants will learn about Unitarian Universalism not only by hearing about it, but by doing it—exploring their own theology and its intersection with the tradition.

HOMELESS ACTION GROUP—GUUF will be hosting 2-3 homeless families from April 7-14. We’re asking for your help so we can continue this important work in our community. To volunteer, please go to IHN Sign Up.

ROWLAND MCFERRIN– please use the tree watering link and sign up for as many weeks as you can manage RMH Tree Watering.