Septic Update: October 30


The asphalt repairs to the parking areas that were trenched to install the new septic system are complete. The parking areas that were closed for this work will be open again beginning Thursday morning.

______________________________________________________________________________We have working toilets, sinks, and drains as of Monday, 7:30PM, in all buildings.
All restroom and water restrictions are ended.
Thanks for your patience during this long period of deprivation. There is clean up and pavement repair work to be done before the parking lot and the State Park Road entrance will be fully operational again.
Please continue to use the back entrance on Thriftside Dr. until further notice.
John Melson & the Septic System Team

Work began early this Monday morning. Conditions are promising including weather predictions. We start with the boring under State Park Rd. This is a demanding step, requiring careful execution to meet the SCDOT and Parker District requirements. Until further notice GUUF’s State Park Road entrance in closed to all traffic. This includes Sunday, October 20, 2019. Please use the back entrance on Altamont Rd/Thriftside Drive and park in the upper parking lots (see drawing below). The team will notify you when you can use the State Park Road entrance again. Thank you for your patience and understanding – John Melson and the Septic System Replacement Team


Good news! We expect work to begin on the new system installation to be completed during the week of 21 Oct. We will then be able to remove the restrictions on restroom and other water use. If all goes as foreseen, we will bid a fond farewell to the portables that week. For the two weeks preceding, there will be disruptions of traffic flow due to trenching necessary in the parking lot- mainly in the area between the main building in front of the playground. There will have to be a brief interruption in water and sewer service – how brief isn’t yet known.
None of this should materially impact any of us as parking should always be accessible through the back entry even if the State Park Road entrance is closed. We will provide more detailed plans as they become available.
In this affair, as in many of life’s challenges, please hold in mind the wisdom of the ancestors encapsulated in the phrase, “There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip”. The dates above are good faith estimates, not guarantees. We still have plenty of potential delays in front of us.
Thanks all. The end of our exercise in patience is growing closer.
John Melson for the Septic System Committee

The contract for our new septic system was awarded 08/06 to Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Services of Greenville / Eckberg Plumbing.
The work start date is dependent on several factors including receipt of an approved SCDOT Encroachment Permit to bore under State Park Road, availability of key sub-contractors, for boring under State Park Road, and electrical work. The final cost will be in the range of $65,000-$70,000 if no significant difficulties arise in the course of the work, such as large rocks in the path of the pipes.