Septic System Update

July 15: The site layout – pipes, trenches, sumps – was received from Site-Design on 27 June and sent to the two companies we still consider to be viable candidates to do the work. We asked that their bids be redone to conform to the Site-Design plan.
One bid has been returned with a small increase. The second company has not yet responded.
Site-Design is soliciting bids from two other companies that they know deliver high quality work. Neither of those companies has responded.
When we have selected a contractor, we should be able to provide a better estimate of when we can expect to be finished.
Thanks to all for putting up patiently with the admittedly awkward portable toilet arrangements. Your sacrifice of some comfort is paying off it would appear. Our water use remains well controlled and the problematic septic field area behind the playground does not appear to have degraded further. Your inconvenience and discomfort are paying back.

John Melson for the Septic System Team
(Drew Daubenspeck, Bill Schulze, Dave Baker and John Melson; Steve Hull, special advisor).