President’s Post

Sincere Apologies!

Friends, there seems to be some misunderstanding about the membership verification letter that was sent out recently and we felt it would be appropriate to give a brief explanation of the intention of the letter.

The verification letter (which is the same as last year’s) is purely to seek confirmation that those members who our Canvass team could not make contact with during the pledge drive, wish to remain a member of GUUF. The letter is NOT intended as a solicitation for money, nor is it meant to imply that you cannot be a member if you do not pledge or donate money. Our only desire is to make sure that you still want to be a part of our community. We understand that members come to GUUF from a variety of circumstances, and that anyone’s circumstances can change in an instant. We value each of you and your unique contributions to our Fellowship. Without you, GUUF would not be what it is.

Our third principle states “acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.” We would ask that you believe that there was no malice intended when this letter was sent out. We sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been hurt or distressed after receiving this letter. We will be redesigning the letter for next year, making sure that the focus reads more for continuing membership rather than contribution of funds.

In Other Board News…

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, October 11. Items covered included the following:

  • The Board reviewed proposals for repair of hail damage to the roof. Following further conversation online, the board agreed to pursue repair via Sentry. Hail damage to the HVAC units will also be repaired by a different vendor, and hail guards will be installed.
  • The Board discussed a proposal brought forward from the Program Council to provide $500 for training for a facilitator for a support group for transgender individuals for Upstate Pride. Upstate Pride may request room usage in the future. The Board approved a request to allow a fundraiser, coupled with an informational conversation, to benefit Upstate Pride.
  • The Board discussed a Share the Plate proposal brought forward from the Program Council. The proposal would equally divide the proceeds from “the plate” between GUUF and a selected nonprofit on a monthly basis. (“The plate” would consist of all checks designated as “split the plate” contributions, all checks written by individuals who have not pledged to GUUF, and all cash/coins in the plate). Educational opportunities would be planned regarding the nonprofit to go along with the collection. The proposal was sent back for further details (regarding intended recipients and estimated dates of collection) and will be reviewed again in November.
  • The Board approved a request from the Sexton and Fellowship Administrator for a change in one of their December holiday days. For this year, they will be off on December 25 and December 26.
  • From the Program Council: The Communications Committee bought a banner displaying our commitment to principles of social justice. It will be displayed outside of the Fellowship.


~Lisa Lipscomb