President’s Post


Exciting times ahead! We have submitted our developmental minister application! The portion of the application dealing with Congregational Strengths and Needs can be found in the member’s area of the GUUF website at: developmental/

As of mid-January, we have already received one application for the position, and after speaking with one of our UUA transition specialists, we have been told that we should expect to receive additional applications, with the largest number of applications for developmental ministry tending to come from late January into March. We were also told that an August/September start date tends to be more popular with ministers than a spring start date, so we will take account of that in our planning.

Unitarian Universalist Minister Rev. Gary Kowalski shares the following words:

With faith to face our challenges,
With love that casts out fear,
With hope to trust tomorrow,
We accept this day as the gift it is—
A reason for rejoicing.

As I, and the rest of the Board, works through these challenging days with you, I rejoice in all that we, as a congregation, are today, and look forward to all that we may become in the future.

With faith, love, and hope,




The Board met on January 10, 2018. Items covered include the following: 

  • The Board set the date for the annual congregational meeting. The meeting will be held on Sunday, June 3, 2018.
  • The evaluation of the UU World of Children pilot program was discussed. The team involved in this evaluation will bring its recommendation to the GUUF board for the April Board meeting. The Board will then present its recommendation to the congregation at the June 3 congregational meeting.
  • The Safety Team’s proposal regarding permitting concealed carry was tabled indefinitely. Instead, the team will be focusing on a broader overview of security needs and procedures to support those needs.