2018-2019 Officers

Members can request access to the minutes from the monthly GUUF Board meetings by sending email to either the President (click link below) or to our office administrator: office@greenvilleuu.org

President Dave Ball
President-Elect Jeannette Winn
Past-President John Melson
Secretary Jan Humphrey
CFO Bo Boghani
Trustee-At-Large Chris Corry
Trustee-At-Large Sarah Russell
Trustee-At-Large Jo Anne Hennigan
Treasurer Hilary Nelson
Youth Representative Gabriella Torres
Audit Committee Peggy Baker
Audit Committee Maggie Murphy
Audit Committee Damon Christenbury
Committee On Ministry Maureen Nery
Committee On Ministry Debbie Plonkey
Committee On Ministry Steven Chapp
Committee On Ministry Anna Crow
Endowment Committee Frank Powell
Endowment Committee Annette Garver
Endowment Committee Mary Foley
Member-at-Large Maureen Nery
Ways & Means Letitia Short