Deeper Than The Skin Concert

October 18: CONCERT: DEEPER THAN THE SKIN (One night only!)
7:00-9:00 PM, Sanctuary, $15 each, $30 family maximum. Scholarships available.
Well known singer-songwriters and long-time friends Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway come together to present Deeper than the Skin, an interactive concert that explores their unique histories as a Black man whose ancestors were slaves on a Richmond plantation and a White man born and raised in the capital of the Confederacy. The bridge between them is built from over 30 years of music, friendship, respect, and a passion for building the Beloved Community. Their presentation is an electrifying blend of story, song, outstanding musicianship, and their high-spirited give-and-take with the audience never fails to leave people feeling uplifted and engaged. Tickets:

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