Communication Tips & Deadlines

Do you ever wonder how to get the word out about what’s happening at GUUF? Or how to find out what’s going on? What is your committee up to? When’s the next [insert event here]? There are many great ways to communicate here at GUUF! Use these helpful tips to get the word out! If you aren’t sure what to do or have questions, start with Karen in the office.

PLEASE email all submissions to

This is a forwarding email which goes to all the people who administer any communications platform. One email, everyone gets it! Please specify where (which platforms) you would like your announcement included AND be clear about when and for how long you would like it shared. It also helps if you can provide graphics or photos if you want them included.


Weekly eNews (Spark)

Delivered: Tuesdays, late afternoon

Goes To:  All subscribers (500+), archived on GUUF website

Submission deadline: Mondays by 9:00am.

Content: eNews is the place to share announcements and basic information regarding activities, initiatives, volunteer needs, etc. and includes C19 Updates, Joys & Sorrows, GUUF Gold Star, etc.

Please provide relevant images or graphics and title/headline text – if you do not provide a title, one will be created for you. Max word count is 150, but 100 is better. If you have more information or details than can fit, can be linked to a longer article on the GUUF website.

Sunday Service Links & Calendar Email

Delivered: Fridays, mid-afternoon

Goes to: All Subscribers (500+), archived on GUUF website

Submission deadline: Thursdays at 9:00am

Content: Sunday Service Links and a calendar listing with zoom links for virtual events ONLY


The webmaster and comms committee are responsible for maintaining the website and updating content. Committees and staff are responsible for providing the content for their sections of the website and keeping it up to date. Updates and changes to existing pages and posts may simply be sent to including If you want to discuss changes to layout or other website infrastructure, please contact the chair of the communications committee.

The Sparkler! Long form updates and content that used to appear in the Flame monthly print newsletter can now be found on the website. Includes Board meeting summaries, updates, committee projects, descriptions of upcoming events, theological reflections, and more. 

Sunday Service Announcement Slides: These are slides played during the gathering music on the livestream or on the screen in the sanctuary for in person services. They display for 7 seconds at a time, so consider the images and text you share. If you want to create your own slide, please send it as a powerpoint file.


Order of Service

Service Content Deadlines:

  • 9:00am Tuesday – Create worship script (can be made from template sooner – consider doing monthly or otherwise ahead of time) and share with all participants
  • 5:00pm Wednesday – Order of service elements chosen and added to google doc, including music, readings, hymns
  • Thursday daytime – Printed order of service draft emailed/printed for review
  •  9:00pm Thursday – Video content and links created and deposited in the Sunday Services Video folder.

Order of Service Insert (On Hold Since Pandemic)

Special Inserts

Certain high profile events of the fellowship may merit a special insert in the order of service. Contact the fellowship administrator with your request. Please make sure your insert is print ready and make arrangements for cutting and stuffing. 

Do You Need Support or Assistance from the Office? 

Lots of copies made? Help with preparing for a big event? Address labels? We’re here to help! AND, please do contact Karen WELL IN ADVANCE of your deadline so that you can get on the schedule – staff time is scheduled based on need, and some days or weeks are busier than others, such as at the end of the month, or when it’s time to run payroll, or the week before the auction.


And if you wonder what the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE thing you can do to make sure that everyone knows what’s happening around the Fellowship? READ YOUR EMAILS FROM GUUF!! Most electronic church publications (including GUUF) have an open rate of LESS THAN 30% – which means that 70% of people aren’t reading what’s out there. Don’t be part of the 70%!