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14 June: Service

Keeping the Community Connected
What’s Happening Sunday, June 14, 2020

The New Normal
Rev. Lisa Bovee Kemper
Debbie Lessard – Dionisio Camacho
with Richard Nelson and Richard Fuller on the tech deck
featuring the bridging of seniors
Roswell Hatchett Evans and Gabriella Celeste Torres

Service LinkWe will be broadcasting via … read more.

The Volunteer Table

How Can the Volunteer Table Help Me?
For Members of the Fellowship, stop by the Volunteer Table to see if there are volunteer opportunities you might want to take advantage of. Or just chat with someone sitting there and learn about a program you … read more.


Continuing last month’s topic – Spiritual Wills. Led by Lisa Bovee-Kemper.  Thursday, 19 March at 2:00pm in the Founders Room.

Continuing with topics relating to aging and spirituality, this group is open to all who are contemplating aging, retirement, making meaning in later life, however … read more.

UU WOC-Theater-25 April

4/25/2020: Warehouse Theatre play tickets are on sale!!  Look for one of our wonderful board members selling tickets on Sunday after the service.  The spring play is “100 Saints You Should Know”, and it will be April 25th.   Tickets will be on sale after … read more.

Covenant Circles

COVENANT CIRCLES are small groups of up to 12 people who gather a couple times a month for fellowship and conversations that arise out of considering big ideas and questions. It’s a wonderful way to get to know people, to listen and be heard, and … read more.

Notes from the Board

Hi, GUUF! The board wants to do better letting you know what we’re up to, so here’s a rundown of the projects we’ve been working on.

We’re having some significant erosion issues on the bank of the creek at the side of our property. We’ve had … read more.