Back to the Future!

And as suddenly as it started, summer seems to be coming to an end – I just saw the first back to school photo from a friend posting on social media! I’m pleased to be returning to the pulpit this Sunday after a nice 6 week break from the weekly writing and thinking process, and look forward to officially starting the new church year on September 9. During these six weeks of slightly less scheduled work time, I’ve had the opportunity to get some study time, particularly reading some great books that I’ll likely reference in future sermons, as well as getting some dedicated time to work on some other projects.

It’s been good, generative time, and I’ve also spent some quality time with my family – camping, visiting local haunts like the children’s museum and farmer’s markets, things like that. I thought you might be interested to know about a few of the things that are in the works for the new year. Stay tuned to the weekly e-news for more specifics.

·      As part of Adult Religious Education, I’ll be leading two multi-session classes this fall. The first is a discussion of the White Lies podcast, a stunning feat of investigative journalism focusing on the 1965 murder of Unitarian Universalist minister the Reverend James Reeb in Selma, AL. The second will focus on the spirituality of aging, specifically making meaning in the midst of life changes after retirement and/or in the later stages of life.

·      I am in the process of convening a Task Force on Accessibility and Welcoming as a result of some recent questions and feedback regarding ADA access in the sanctuary. Rather than work to fix individual issues in a piecemeal fashion, the task force will work together to do a broad-based assessment of accessibility of all kinds here at GUUF. Ultimately, my hope is that we will end up with a set of recommendations for some immediate changes as well as a long-term plan (including financial impact) for comprehensive accessibility updates.

·      GUUF will be hosting a workshop led by the Reverend Jason Shelton, renowned UU minister and composer November 22-23 of this year. Theme/topic will be announced shortly, the event is being presented with the support of the Southern Region. We expect to attract UUs from around the region. I hope that many of you will plan to attend as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing what y’all have been up to these past few weeks as well. From what I hear, it looks to me like we’re shaping up to have a great year!