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Septic System Update

July 15: The site layout – pipes, trenches, sumps – was received from Site-Design on 27 June and sent to the two companies we still consider to be viable candidates to do the work. We asked that their bids be redone to conform to the … read more.



THIS YEAR – We encourage everyone to enroll for trips by mailing (or handing) us a check made out to Brookside Campground and Rafting well before each trip. We will conduct each trip only if we have reservations and pre-payments in our hands for … read more.

Social Justice Updates

SOCIAL JUSTICE PHILOSOPHY & PRACTICE – Join us on Thursday, March 14, 6:30-8:00 pm, Founders Room (105) for the last workshop in the series.   Each workshop provides an opportunity for participants to interact and share their own experiences, a process that echoes the Unitarian … read more.