3.7.21 Assembling a Ministerial Search Committee

As you know, we are beginning the process to enter a search for a called minister, pursuant to the Board vote at the February meeting.  Our first task is to assemble a search committee to propose to you, the Congregation, for consideration and election.

The UUA Settlement Handbook suggests that the following questions be considered when suggesting names for search committee members:

What are the good qualities needed for someone to serve on a ministerial search committee?

  • Who in the congregation works well with others?
  • Who can represent and serve the whole congregation well (including looking out for the needs of children) and not just a piece or “faction” of the congregation?  Who would have no “axe to grind?”
  • Who knows (or can learn) the history and culture of the congregation, whether a member of long standing or relatively new?  Who can use this history proactively instead of reactively on behalf of the congregation?
  • Who has been and/or is active in the congregation and has demonstrated both responsible participation and responsible leadership? (regardless of how long they have been part of the community)
  • After a high salary, the most attractive quality a congregation can have is self-awareness – awareness of strengths and weaknesses, what the congregation is like at its best and at its worst, as well as on an average day.  Who would be able to know and relate all this to potential candidates? After thinking about all of these questions, whom would you trust to serve on the search committee on behalf of the congregation?

I would like to invite you all to consider these questions and let me know the names of anyone you think would be a valued search committee member.  You don’t have to ask them if they would accept if asked.  Just send the names to me, and I’ve asked John Melson, Past President, Howard Jones, President-elect, and Rev. Lisa to help me sort through the list, noting any multiple recommendations, and we’ll come up with a manageable group whom we will contact to gauge their interest in serving and from there propose a slate to the Board, which will then be presented to you for consideration and election.  Once the search committee is elected, then we’ll be underway!

If any of you has any questions about this process, feel free to get in touch with me.  If you’d like to chat about it, you can call me.  If you don’t reach me, either text me at that number or leave me a message and let me know a good time to reach you.

Thanks for helping us with this task, and thanks to all of you for your own time commitment and interest in the future of GUUF!

With gratitude,

Jeannette Winn

GUUF Board President

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