Action Items Concerning Current Gun Legislation

After attending the Glow production of Armed at the Warehouse Theater, we wholeheartedly agree that it was truly amazing, riveting and compelling. Here is some information that came out of the discussion following the show that may help us get active regarding the gun issues in our State:

There are currently two bills readying for vote by our representatives: S. 449 (the “carry act”) [link to S. 449] has to do with the right to open carrying of weapons without proof of licensing and registration; and bill S. 516 [link to S. 516] has to do with time limitations for judicial reporting of crimes to law enforcement agencies, and lengthening of time allowances to complete background checks before a gun can be sold.

I urge you to call your local representatives to receive better “lay language” of these bills. The advocates urged that we voice our views of these bills to our representatives before they come to vote. We have a deadline for one of these bills as of April 1.

The sponsor for bill S. 516 is Senator Wes Climer (Dist. 15). Call him at 803-212-6016

The sponsor for bill S. 449 is Senator S. Shane Massey (Dist. 25). Call him at 864-5760 (district office) or 803-734-3101 (capitol office).

You could also call your local district representatives for the house and senate to give them your views before these bills (or others come up for vote). If you don’t know who your local representatives are, go here: Add your address and you will find your legislators. We suggest you put these numbers in your phone and use them regularly.

For those of you who are more able-bodied, the March for our Lives (By the Students, for the Students) is scheduled for this Saturday, March 24, from 2:00 to 4:00, corner of North Main and Beattie, and ending at the Courthouse. Please participate as you are able.

Additionally, two organizations who spoke on the panel following the show offer great information on guns and gun laws in South Carolina. These are, and We can make changes but your voices must be heard!

Let us do our part, however large or small, to end this violence in our midst. There are many organizations who would welcome our help. Let’s get creative and find some time and effort to stand up and be counted. We should no longer sit by and shake our heads in disbelief, shaming and blaming and merely hoping others will get the job done. Our children have shown the way. Don’t let them down.

Donna Goethe and
Lucy Beam Hoffman