rowland mcferrin house

The Rowland and McFerrin Houses, are two sides of a duplex located in at 4 Lora Ct, Greenville.

Want to learn about GUUF Roland-McFerrin House and help out too?

The Rowland-McFerrin house, named after two notable member families of our past, is the current GUUF maintained house in a series of shelter houses that the congregation has provided since the mid-80s.

Today we manage it in partnership with the United Ministries program (part of their Interfaith Housing Network) that provides mid-term transition housing for families challenged by homelessness and associated ills. United Ministries manages the selection and placing of the clients, counsels residents who also participate in their other programs, and provides the furniture other than large appliances. GUUF provides the house and its maintenance. Our Sexton, Randall, tends the yard and does small repairs.

United Ministries also helps us pay expenses, utilities and maintenance. Because of this we can contract much of the RMH maintenance and do not have to call often on congregational volunteer labor.

However, there is now a small job that does require a few volunteers. We need a member with a truck or trailer that can help haul some accumulated junk to the dump or to some recycling center. This is not a job that requires more than 2-3 people for part of a Saturday morning or an early evening. I want to open it to any GUUF member, for example someone who was relatively new, who hasn’t had an opportunity to work at RMH and would like to know more.

If that’s you, give me a call soon at 864-907-4237 or email If this task isn’t for you but you still want to know more, give me a call too.