Standing on the side of Love - Immigrants

We stand on the side of love for all, regardless of citizenship status.

Join us as we help advocate and educate. Assist us as we plan peaceful forums and discussions. Participate as we partner and deepen relationships with local immigrant communities. Stand with us as we take part in rallies and legislative action to call attention to the need for justice for migrants to the United States.

IMMIGRANT JUSTICE – Rev. Michelle Robinson from Clayton Memorial UU Church will be our guest minister on September 29.  She’ll speak about her congregation’s journey to become the first sanctuary church in South Carolina.

Following the UUWoC spaghetti dinner, Rev Michelle will be at our Meet & Greet in the Founders Room at 12:30 pm. Hope you’ll stop by and say hello. We’ll also be sharing GUUF’s Stewart Detention Center trip and more.

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