One of the aspects of being a Unitarian Universalist congregation is our connection to the larger denomination. There are many ways we can do that, both as individuals and as a fellowship. I’m grateful to Priscilla Phillips and the Comms Committee for arranging to share information about denominational and regional events on GUUF bulletin boards. I hope you’ll find it useful. Also, all Members of UU congregations receive the UU World magazine, an issue of which came out a few weeks ago. And today I want to share with you an important series of events that unfolded when that issue hit our mailboxes.

There is an article in that issue called, “After L, G, and B” which caused a great deal of harm to our UU transgender and gender non-binary siblings. It’s a complicated situation, and there are many different perspectives at play. I call your attention to it here because events unfolded on social media that can give us insight into the complexities of dismantling white supremacy culture and living into being an antiracist, anti-oppressive community. This commitment is core to our identity as Unitarian Universalists.  It’s a lot to read, I know, and it will likely make you uncomfortable if you are cisgender (which means that the gender assigned to you at birth is the one you identify with) – it did me. But it is deeply important work, and I invite you to engage it, even though it is difficult. The world I hope for is one in which the people among us who are marginalized are not used as objects to help privileged folks learn. I want marginalized folks to be pulled in from the margins, honored in their complex humanity, and given space to flourish and grow. Fundamentally, that space and support is what Unitarian Universalism exists to provide for all souls. All Souls.

The Commission on Institutional Change has the most comprehensive listing of commentary and response to the article here. blog/how-do-we-respond-systemic-oppression

However, here’s where to start if that feels overwhelming: The original article and the apology from UU World Editor Chris Walton articles/apology-spring-2019, and then the Transforming Hearts Collective guide to talking about the article https://
www.transformingheartscollective .org/stories/2019/3/8/tips-fortalking-about-the-uu-world-article, as well as CB Beal’s piece in Medium about the impact of the article

If you want to provide direct support to TRUUsT (Transgender Religious Professional UUs Together) you can start with either this report or respond to their call to action for UUs

TRUUsT Calls on All Unitarian Universalists to Take Action to Support Trans UUs

The bottom line, friends, is that we are in this work together, and in the words of Rev. Theresa I. Soto, all of us need all of us to make it.


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